Full-Time Mental Health Counselor (Licensed or Limited-Permit)

Heartspace Therapy, a private group practice in NYC co-founded by two LMHCs, is looking for a passionate, responsible, and empathetic therapist to join our team. This is a full-time position with a minimum of 25 direct clinical hours per week. BIPOC, queer, trans and gender-diverse folx are especially encouraged to apply.

Heartspace Therapy focuses on being a resource for people who want to rediscover their uniqueness and let it shine. We offer individual, couples/multi-partner, and family therapy. Our clients are extremely diverse and we mainly serve LGBTQ+, non-binary and gender-creative folx, people living with HIV, sex workers, poly/CNM/ENM, BDSM/kink, as well as people of color, immigrants, and fat individuals. We believe that therapy should be more than affirming, but rather celebrating the client’s unique story and experience. We currently offer our services online via Zoom, and may move to a hybrid (online & in-person) format in 2022.

Qualifications (only applicants who meet all qualifications will be considered):

  1. Must be licensed to practice mental health counseling (LMHC) in New York or be eligible for a limited permit upon hiring (MHC-LP).

  2. Must be able to work remotely in a private space with a reliable internet connection.

  3. At least 1 year of counseling experience working with individuals, couples/multi-partner relationships, and families.

  4. At least 1 year of affirming counseling experience, intake, ongoing assessment, and treatment planning.

  5. Demonstrated competence providing affirming counseling to LGBTQ+, trans and gender-diverse, and other sexuality-, gender-, and body-diverse populations.

  6. Demonstrated competence and comfort providing affirming counseling to BDSM, kink, fetish, polyamory, consensual non-monogamy, sex workers, and minor-attracted people.

  7. Completed training in ethics (ACA Code of Ethics) and mandated reporting.

  8. Able to complete and manage multiple administrative tasks, including timely record keeping (i.e., notes), scheduling, email communications, and billing, among others.

  9. Comfort with marketing, advertising, and recruiting potential clients via mailing lists, social media, and professional websites.

  10. A highly reliable, responsible, and committed team player that will be an active contributor to our community. 


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. A minimum of a two-year commitment to being a part of the Heartspace Therapy team.

  2. Building a caseload of a minimum of 25 and up to 30 weekly sessions. Currently, all sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom. A hybrid of telehealth and in-person might become necessary once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

  3. Morning and evening shifts will be required with the possibility of one weekend day.

  4. Maintaining timely and accurate client records within 24 hours of the session.

  5. Conducting phone/video consultations with prospective clients to determine fit.

  6. Participating in group and/or individual supervision (group supervision is on Tuesdays at 12p).

  7. Scheduling client appointments and managing your own calendar.

  8. Billing clients and making sure payments are made in a timely manner and client payment records are updated regularly.

  9. Supporting clients in getting reimbursed through their insurance companies.

  10. Submitting monthly timesheets to supervisors before payroll.

  11. Managing your own Heartspace Therapy email account and replying to clients in a timely fashion.

  12. Keeping an up to date online profile on Heartspace Therapy website.

  13. Engage in marketing and advertising efforts on various professional (e.g., Psychology Today) and social media (e.g., Facebook) platforms to build a caseload.

  14. Managing internal lists and resources, such as referral lists, marketing resources, etc.

  15. Present and share what you learned during your professional development endeavors (we offer a yearly stipend).

  16. Be an active and committed member of our community by planning community building events on a rotating basis using our community building stipend.


What do we offer?

  1. A salaried position making up to $72,000/year (dependent on number of weekly sessions). We view this as an investment in the clinician and as a way to build a community at HST, and hope that this will encourage folx from diverse backgrounds to apply. 

  2. Paid time off.

  3. 401(K) with an employer match.

  4. We pay for your malpractice insurance so you don’t have to.

  5. We will offer equity in the company after two years with HST (a share of the company’s profits) to allow for your continued growth and building a sense of shared ownership.

  6. A monthly self-care reimbursement to defray any wellness-related expenses, such as psychotherapy ($125).

  7. A yearly professional development stipend ($300).

  8. Weekly group supervision for all therapists. This will include both Nadav and Daniel, as well as outside supervisors of different identities, as an opportunity for us all to learn from and be supported by a diversity of experiences.

  9. Weekly individual supervision for pre-licensed therapists.


To apply, please submit a resume (2 pages max), along with succinct responses to the below questions (~200 words for each) to both Daniel (daniel@heartspace-therapy.com) and Nadav (nadav@heartspace-therapy.com). Think of these questions as guidelines for demonstrating who you are and what kind of therapist you are. Like with our clients, we want to hear about what makes you unique and what would make you a great fit for Heartspace Therapy. Please feel free to take a look at our website for an example.

  1. What makes you unique?

  2. What made you want to become a mental health counselor?

  3. What’s your therapeutic style?

  4. What are your areas of expertise?

  5. What populations are you excited to serve?

  6. What draws you to work at a private practice? 

  7. Below are Heartspace Therapy’s core values. Please choose one of the values and explain how your role as a therapist will demonstrate that value in practice. 

    1. Social justice & Diversity

    2. Compassion

    3. Curiosity/Discovery

    4. Authenticity

    5. Promoting Self-Actualization/Self-Realization


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Selected candidates will be invited to respond in writing to a case study about a potential client, and upon completion, may be invited for an interview.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions/clarifications. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to have the opportunity to work with you.