What are your identities?

Hello there! I am a cis Black man born and raised in the US. I'm sex-positive, polyamorous, queer, and same-sex-oriented. I utilize the word Queer to define my existence outside of heteronormative culture and the term same-sex-oriented instead of gay. I am married to my primary partner, a white-identified immigrant man. I'm passionate about social justice issues and utilize my identities and experiences to broach topics of race, gender, masculinity, and sex. More simply, I am Ra Ra, and I am constantly blossoming into a newer, more grounded version of myself.

What made you become a therapist?

I became a therapist because up until writing this, I've yet to find a person to assist me with the issues I encounter in life as a big Black queer man. These issues include; fear of the police and state-sanctioned violence against people of color, religious traumas, workplace discrimination, imposter syndrome, and discrimination in spaces of romance and sex (e.g., bars, apps, and kink spaces). I believe therapy is a healing relationship, and I’ve found it hard to heal with clinicians that I do not share intersectional identities with, specifically my Blackness and queerness. Representation is essential across all aspects of our life. I see a lack of diversity, and I represent another option. I offer a base understanding as a person who has been and continues to be oppressed.

What’s your therapeutic style?

Growing up in a Southern Black religious community, I've learned that storytelling is a part of my cultural heritage. Narrative therapy allows me access to your reality, including your values, skills, and resiliencies. My therapeutic style is mindful, empathic, and about you being centered, where I invite you to tell me your story--past and/or present. I believe there is liberation and healing in others hearing our stories. A central part of this is mustering the courage to share those aspects of our life that we hide away because of shame. Our work will make meaning from your life experiences to further promote the change you are looking for.

What are your areas of expertise?

I believe issues surrounding race, sex, and gender create disparities that can lead us to feel shame and anxiety about who we are. Thus, I’m passionate about exploring these challenges as they relate to your experience in hopes of furthering your well-being and achieving your future goals. Additionally, consensual non-monogamy (CNM), polyamory (Poly), “Blackness,” those with vision impairment, concerns about self-esteem, and interracial relationships are all areas I have the most experience engaging in.

What populations do you specialize in?

I welcome and celebrate those with intersectional identities, including LGBTQ+, Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), sex workers, BDSM/kink folx, those in or seeking CNM & Poly relationships, and those working in the creative arts and design fields.

What do you view as a key component of the therapeutic alliance/relationship?

Tabula Rasa is the concept of a “blank slate.” My Black skin does not allow me the privilege of showing up Tabula Rasa. As a Black man, I move through the world anxious and fearful--this is my baseline. This baseline comes from systemic issues that keep me “in my place.” While I work through these issues in my mental health journey, these life stressors are a part of me. I am human, and that means I am vulnerable and imperfect. I welcome this same vulnerable imperfection from my clients. Most importantly, I am not an expert on what’s best for your life; rather a person who is grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you--co-creating a brave and safe world for you to feel a deeper connection to yourself.

What are your fees per session?

$125 for individual therapy and $175 for relationship/family therapy. Limited sliding scale fee slots available.

Any last words?

I’ve had my struggles in finding a mental health space appropriate for me. It’s tough, and I’d like to congratulate you for taking a meaningful step into self-care! Outside of being a therapist and attending to my mental health by seeing a therapist, I find beauty, comfort, and inspiration in gardening, elaborate recipes, all things Marvel, and Illustration. I’ve always considered myself an artist before all else. I am also excited to be a Point BIPOC Scholar. Email me at: to book a free 15-minute consultation.